6 Months One-on-One Fertility Awareness Education

What You Get

  • Virtual sessions as needed over 6 months
  • Chat support for 1 year
  • Course materials full of information to help you on your charting journey
  • Three FREE months of Read Your Body app access + settings template
  • Access to my private Facebook community

What You Get with the Plus Fertility Wellness Package Add-on:

  • Basic Basal Body Thermometer
  • Happy Period Herbal Tea
  • Nourishing Fertility Herbal Tea
  • Herbal Bitters Tincture
  • Personalized Herbal Formula
  • Herbal Gift

What You Learn:

  • Method Efficacy
  • Reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • How to observe and chart basal body temperature and cervical mucus
  • Optional additional signs of fertility
  • Tools and tips to get the most out of your charts
  • Planning for future conception
  • Effective app charting
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